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Q: Are your apartment locating services really FREE?

A: Absolutely! Texas Relocation Experts is 100% FREE to you and does not affect your monthly rent or specials. In fact by using our service, we may be able to find you unadvertised specials that you probably would not be aware of. Plus, in addition to your move-in specials you will receive a FREE U-Haul truck rental on the day of your move!

Q: If your service is FREE, how are you compensated?

A: We are paid a commission from the apartment owner that you choose to lease from out of their advertising budget. Just remember to write: "Texas Relocation Experts" and your agents name on the guest card and lease application that you choose.

Q: How can Texas Relocation Experts help me locate my San Marcos or South Austin apartment?

A: First, we'll save you a considerable amount of time, especially if you are new to the area. Not only do we know the apartment communities but we also know the pros and cons of living in different areas of San Antonio. Second, we will save you money. We save you gas and keep you from spinning your wheels needlessly. Also, many times we can negotiate move-in specials even when one is not being offered. Third, we save you mental stress and hassles. Apartment searching is always more successful when someone who is knowledgeable about the area is helping.

Q: How soon should I start looking?

A: You will probably want to get serious about looking 4-6 weeks before your move-in date. However, we can help you at any time even if you need to move today! Since most residents do not give notice until 30 days before they move out, you have to act fast once they do. Many of these units will be gone within days of giving notice, because San Antonio has about a 95% occupancy rate.


Q: How fast can you find the perfect property for me?

A: We might already know about the perfect place for you! Since we are constantly searching the San Antonio rental market for our customers, we have the most current availability. We have even helped people move-in the very same day they started looking. Even if you are not in San Antonio, we can help you lease an apartment by fax without having to view it in person. We can email you detailed property information complete with pictures and floor plans from our state-of-the-art database to help you make a better decision on your new home or apartment.

Q: What are the normal qualifications to lease? 

A: There are 4 common items found on the application. Job History/Income, Rental History, Criminal Background Check and Credit History.


Job History/Income: Most managers want you to have at least 6 months of employment history or school. They also want at least 3 times the rent of verifiable household income (before taxes). In most cases this is a combined total of every employed occupant. For example, a 2 bedroom renting for $700 requires a total income of at least $2100/month at 3 times the rent. Some income-qualified properties have a maximum limit as well. A "co-signor" will help with certain financial situations such as students and other situations.

Credit History: This varies from property to property, so ask us about your situation, and we will help you find the best option. We have apartments that work with repos, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.

Rental History: Many managers check your past 2 years of rental history. In some cases, a "co-signor" will help here as well. If you have a broken lease, we can still assist you. First time renters usually can get a place based on their employment and credit. In some cases, a co-signor may be helpful. 

Criminal Background Check: Every property is going to do a full criminal background check for felonies and misdemeanors. Although about 98% of the properties in San Antonio will decline you if you have one, we know of the ones that will work with you. It all depends on the crime and how long ago it was. 

Q: Can you find a place for my big dog? 

A: Absolutely! Most apartments accept up to about 30 lb pets. However, we can find places that take up to 100 lb dogs! We also have communities that do not have a pet weight limit! You may have to pay an extra pet deposit; all depends on the exact size of your dog. Also, if you have an aggressive breed (pit bull, rottweiler, chow, etc.) we have homes for them as well. 

Q: Do you have town homes, lofts, & duplexes in addition to apartments? 

A: Yes! Our town homes and lofts are located within apartment communities. One advantage of this is that established management companies manage these communities. Your deposit is usually much lower ($100 +). Generally, town homes or duplexes not located within an apartment community require a deposit equal to one month's rent or they may even require first and last month's rent up front. Also, in an apartment community setting, repairs and routine maintenance are generally completed in a more timely manner because of the full-time, on-site staff. We also have a limited amount of duplexes in San Antonio, so please ask when you call. 


Q: Can I buy a New Home through Texas Relocation Experts in the future? 

A: Absolutely! Most of our customers are interested in eventually getting out of an apartment and into their very own New Home. We deal specifically with all the New Home builders in San Antonio. WHY? They offer the BEST incentives and you can sometimes walk away with little or NO closing costs. The advantage of a New Home is that you can customize it to your tastes and not have to live with someone else's choices. Ask us how to get things started today! 

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